External Network Penetration Testing

External Network Penetration Testing

Spider Sec Ltd offers External Network Penetration Testing services which are designed to provide assurances that your Internet facing infrastructure has been designed and configured in line with industry best security practices.



What is External Network Penetration Testing?

An External Network Penetration Testing identifies and addresses vulnerabilities which may be present in an organisations external-facing servers, workstations, mails servers, virtual environments and network devices.

Brief Overview of a standard Test:

Key Benefits Of A External Network Penetration Test?

Using our skills in offensive security we will simulate a genuine attack on your external infrastructure. During the test, we will ensure there are no common or publicly known vulnerabilities in the target system at the time of the test. Alongside this, our consultant will also perform checks to ensure your external infrastructure is following best security practice.

A External Network Penetration Test will help our clients:

Our methodology

Our consultants are all certified with at least Check Team Member or OSCP certificate. We follow the industry-standard OSSTMM methodology. Alongside this, we use our own in-house methodologies which have been tried and tested during our own careers.

Penetration Testing Engagement Process


Spider Sec has tried to make the scoping process as easy as possible. We have created a quoting form which will price your project based on your requirements. If you are happy with the quote, send it to us and we will send over our authorisation forms and SOW to be filled out. Then we will schedule the engagement and ensure all prerequisites are in order.


On the scheduled date you will receive an email before the penetration test begins. During the engagement, if any high or critical risk vulnerabilities are discovered you will be informed ASAP.


Once the engagement is completed we will write up our discoveries into an easy to digest report with remediation steps and risk ratings.


After you have digested the report if you wish to book a retest please let us know. We are happy to retest high and critical risk vulnerabilities for free.

Vulnerability Disclosures

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