About Us

Spider Sec Ltd is a London based penetration testing and cyber security company. We provide penetration testing/vulnerability assessments and managed vulnerability scanning. We are focused on helping advise SMEs and Business Start-Ups with protecting there external infrastructure. Our team have vast expertise in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, our objective is to assist administrators and developers in securing their assets/products to prevent malicious attacks. All our work comes with in depth remediation steps and business risks tailored to our clients profile.


Why Choose Us?

Low Fees.

Our consultancy is small with little overheads which we believe works in our clients advantage. We are able to produce the same standard of work as other consultancy without the eye-watering fees.

Bespoke Reports.

Our reports are tailored to suit our clients business profile. Reports will outline how vulnerabilities could affect your business and what is at risk if an attack is successful.


We work closely with our clients to ensure they understand how to correctly remediate or reduce risk from vulnerabilities.

Refferal Scheme.

Clients who promote our services can receive a special offer on future work.

Certified Testers.

All of our consultants hold the minimum of an OSCP and CTM certification. These certificates are held in high regard between security professionals and proves our testers can perform technical penetration tests.

Free Retest.

We will provide free retests on critical and high risk vulnerabilities to ensure the remediation steps have worked correctly.